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A front-end and back-end web developer who is passionate about building interactive and engaging websites.

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A BSc Information Technology graduate with First-Class Honours, I have a strong passion for exploring and immersing myself in every facet of web development, including planning, designing, maintenance, and testing. Throughout my academic journey, I gained hands-on experience in the entire process of designing and developing websites, from conceptualisation to their successful launch. I possess a calm demeanour, proactive mindset, and unwavering ambition, which enable me to effectively showcase my communication and attention to detail skills, whether working independently or as part of a team. As a keen learner, I am actively seeking opportunities to demonstrate my skills while eagerly embracing new learning experiences to further enhance my expertise.

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My Projects

Battersea Driving School Homepage

Battersea Driving School

Programming Languages used: HTML and CSS.

  • A website was creates with the intention of attracting learners to a driving school.
  • It serves as an intermediator between the learners and the instructors.
  • The website provides the learners with all the necessary information such as details about where the driving schools is located, its instructors, courses and prices page, and so on.

The grade I received for this project: 80/100.

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