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Welcome to Collab

This is a Student & Lecturer Collaboration Platform. The application would serve as an intermediary between the lecturers who run the extracurricular activities, and the students who participate in the activities and form teams. This application was designed, built, and launched by a student as part of his final year project. It provides the student with an opportunity to demonstrate his skills and knowledge to his lecturers and potential employers. Additionally, it allows the student to utilize the knowledge and skills that he has gained and develop his web development skills, critical thinking, research, and problem-solving abilities. You can also view information about the student behind this application by scrolling down. This application offers a range of benefits, which are displayed on the homepage. Additionally, the application has a FAQs section which can be accessed by clicking the button below.

Picture of group of students working as a team

Our Team

Below is the team behind the site.

Picture of Ayub Yusuf
Role: Founder

Name: Ayub Yusuf

About Me: I developed and founded this application as part of my final year project.